I read a following sentence in the book Data structure and algorithm in Python:

A tour instance is created by sending a reference to a specific tree to the constructor, and then by calling the public 'executed' method, which beings the tour and returns a final result of the computation.

I am confused about the use of being. As I known, being can use in a present or past continuous tense as following:

  • He is being nice.
  • She was being bad.

But I don't know whether being can be used as a main verb like that. If can, does its meaning is same as it used in the present continuous tense?


I think maybe it should be begins, it's a typo, since the tour is a datastructure transversal starting with a call to a method.


You are right to be confused! The word is definitely a typo. Without more context, it is impossible to know what word was intended, but from the small amount of text I can see here, "begins" is a pretty reasonable guess.


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