When you say "Pick up your toys", do you say "pick" and "up" with the same stress or is "up" stronger/louder? Thanks in advance.


I don't suppose there is a correct way. I am British English and I would place no particular emphasis on any word. Moreover, unless I was speaking in anger, I would also add a "please" at the end, as in:

Pick up your toys, please.

To my ears, any emphasis in this sentence sounds strange. However, if I was dealing with a naughty child, I might say:

You can pick up your toys.

This would emphasise the fact that it is his/her responsibility to tidy up any mess they have made.


American speaker here. I would say "pick up your toys" with pick being strong than up. However, I would say "pick it up!" emphasizing up only if it is the last word of the sentence.

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