Prisoner trade Guard his gold watch for escaping from the place.

First, You have to stop the generator, There will be darkness, may be only ten minutes. That is your chance. you must wait until the change of the final watch.

Is he referring to people who working for watch tower or anything else?


Watch (n):

  1. An act of guarding someone or something to make sure the person or property stays safe and in the right place: The prison guards kept a close watch on him.
  2. A period during which someone is responsible for guarding or looking around to be sure that property or people are safe, or the person who is responsible: The soldiers on the night watch had to be careful not to fall asleep.

In your example, it's more the second definition. Guard shifts would be divided up into different "watches", which change on a regular basis. The "final watch" would be the last of these shifts.

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