Will it be grammatically correct to say "How long more must I wait?" instead of "How much longer must I wait?". Do they convey the same meaning and stress?

I just wish to avoid the most common phrase.

Are there any more examples?

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    How long more is ungrammatical. more means "an additional quantity [of something]". It cannot be modified by adjective "long", since quantities don't have physical dimension/extension in space. You could ask "How many more must I wait?" if you had been talking about hours or minutes or days or weeks or months or years or decades or centuries or eons or semesters or quarters or ... in a previous sentence. May 27 '17 at 10:44

"How long more" is not grammatical English. You can say, "How many more," if you specify a countable unit of time, or, "How much more," if talking about (uncountable) time in general. For example:

How many more days must I wait before they let me know if I've been accepted?

After fertilizing, how much more time must I wait before planting new seedlings?

However, these expressions are not as common or natural as, "How much longer must I ..." They are common in other contexts:

How many more days until graduation?

Traveling for work, how much time do you get to spend with your family?

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