When assembling a camping tent, we sometimes have to put the tent poles through a kind of tunnel created using a strip of the same fabric of which the tent is made.

The Russian term for this channel (tunnel? pocket?) is kuliska (кулиска). I wonder what the English term is for this.

enter image description here

On the image, you can see a tent pole that creates the camping tent's frame (каркас). This tent pole emerges from a "kuliska" and then dives into another "kuliska".

Multitran offers several translations but I'm not sure they fit.

The same word is used in Russian for the channel in which we put a decorative band or a belt or string to support a piece of clothing:

enter image description here


It depends. If the "pocket" is closed at one end (for the end of the pole to fit into) then pocket or slot might be fine. If the fabric instead forms a tube that the pole is meant to slide through then we could call it a sleeve.

To set up the tent, slide the poles through the sleeves along the end of the tent, and set the ends of this frame firmly into the ground.

I don't think there is any special name for the "channel" through which we would run a piece of fabric or string (like that used to hold up a pair of sweatpants) but the string itself is called a drawstring.

Also, if the fabric through which the pole would go is very narrow, we would call it a loop rather than a sleeve, as in a "belt loop" for pants.

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