I have the following sentences here which is the correct one.

  1. I would like to inform you that the departure timing has been changed.

  2. I would like to inform you the departure timing has changed.

  3. I would like to inform you that departure timing has changed.

And why? When should I use that and the?


First of all, "departure timing" isn't the common phrase, it's "departure time". "has changed" means that it's not the same as was before, I'd recommend "has been changed" or "was changed" to stress that somebody changed it.

"that" is a conjunction here. It introduces a subordinate clause "the departure timing has changed."

"the" is a definite article that makes something definite, distinct. "Departure time" of a certain train or aircraft should be a definite one, so "the" is necessary. If the departure time of all trains or airplanes was changed then "the" may be omitted.

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  • 1
    or "time of departure" – Strawberry Jun 1 '17 at 12:22

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