What is the difference between the sentence "UN seeks to promote international peace" and "UN promotes international peace"?

I think that in the first sentence, it's stated more like an objective of UN. In the second sentence, it's more like what UN actually does.

Is my inference correct?

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You are correct.

someone seeks to do something

means it is an objective or aspiration.


someone does something

describes what they do.


In this context the seeks is similar to try.

So the sentences with words switched would be "UN tries to promote international peace" and "UN promotes international peace"


You are correct.

In this context, it probably makes little difference. "Promoting" something means that you are urging people to do it or accept it. So whether "promoting" or "trying to promote", either way means they are saying this is a good thing.

If someone said, "The UN is bringing peace" versus "the UN is trying to bring peace", that could be a real difference. They could be trying to bring peace but failing.

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