As far as I know, two phrases are accepted (I'm not feeling like OR I don't feel like), but I don't really sure about the point of difference, my guesses are:

I'm not feeling like dancing...- now (not in general)

I don't feel like dancing ...- in general


Are my guesses right? if they aren't, correct them please. Thanks


It's idiomatic and common to say:

I don't feel like.....

meaning, that I'm not inclined to, I'm not in the mood to.... On the other hand:

I'm not feeling like

may be correct but it's not often heard. Much more common are expressions such as:

I'm not feeling well

I'm not feeling up to/for it

(More at: https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/222520/what-does-i-am-not-feeling-up-for-it-mean-when-can-you-use-this)

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