The phrase from the movie 'House of cards'


Newspaperwoman wanted the man (Underwood) to tell her some info, therefore, she hurries him. And the man (Underwood) told her these words (your tone doesn't inspire me to be very forthcoming)


1) I don't get his message (to be very forthcoming is about her or about her tone)

2) I like this way of using of 'to be'. Could you give me some extra examples with such using of 'to be' verb for conclusive understanding


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    Her tone of voice makes him feel reluctant to divulge much information.
    – TimR
    Jun 5, 2017 at 19:55

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We can be in a certain mental state with respect to doing something.

I am eager to go.

I am reluctant to go.

Something can put us into such a state.

Her tone made me eager to go.

The danger made me reluctant to go.

Here, with an adjective as complement of to be:

Her tone caused me to be eager to go.

The danger caused me to be reluctant to go.

made me and caused me license different complements. made in modern English does not license an object complement with an infinitive at its head, whereas caused does.

We can express that same idea using a noun:

Her tone awoke in me an eagerness to go.

The danger awoke in me a reluctance to go.

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