We use 'how' in exclamatory sentences, generally in this structure:
How + adjective/adverb (subject + verb), as in :

How gorgeous she is!

What about this sentence?

How you've grown!
How I wish I had one of those cars!

Is it grammatically correct?

And if yes, isn't it more grammatical to say:

How much you've grown!
How much I wish I had one of those cars!

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    How you've grown! and How much you've grown! are equally grammatical, and all of your uses of the exclamation are proper. By the way, a verb is not required; for instance, you could say of the subject in your first example: How gorgeous! Commented Jun 9, 2017 at 21:48

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How you've grown.
How much you grown.

both your sentences are correct but can have slightly different meaning, the first might be used about character or physical (sexual) maturity, where as the second is often used for height or size.

And often that your sentences are preceeded by

Oh my look how you've grown.
Oh my look how much you've grown.

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