Is it possible to use "refundable" where I mean "to be refunded"? I know that "payable amount" has a meaning of "amount to be payed". Is it the same with refund? I need very short term, preferable one word, used as an API field name.


Yes, you can say "refundable amount" - an amount that can be returned (or is returned). Consider "refund" - an amount of money that is given back to you, especially because you are not happy with a product or service that you have bought.

Consider this:

The term refundable deposits refers to cash collected from credit customers that a company expects to return after a specified period of time, or when certain conditions are satisfied. When companies collect this money, the intention is to return it after a relatively brief period of time.


Whether they can be used interchangeably would depend on the context. In most everyday matters, they are synonymous. But in certain legal contexts, for example, there could be a difference in meaning.

refundable = can be refunded (i.e. circumstances permit or allow)
to be refunded = will be refunded

There could also be a difference if the refund process consisted of several stages, an initial approval stage:

Amount Refundable
Refund Approved Date

a secondary stage where the refund amount can be allocated in different ways:

Refund Amount To Be Applied to Current Tax Year
Amount To Be Refunded to Taxpayer

and a stage where the monies were transferred:

Amount Refunded
Transaction Date

This is just an example to show the potential difference in meaning between the adjective with the able ending and to be + {past participle}.

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