SOURCE  (N. Y. Times)

I'm not sure what the word "residents" mean in this sentence.

The brutality of the ambush gave even the most hardened residents and detectives pause.

I assumed at first it means people who live nearby, but now I wonder if means doctors. The word is in parallel with "detectives", and the word "resident" has a meaning in the US of "a doctor who is training in a hospital".

What does the word "residents" in this sentence refer to exactly?

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    Can you add a bit more context? The meaning isn't entirely clear from that sentence alone.
    – user27353
    Jun 14, 2017 at 2:13

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In your quote from The New York Times article As Nationwide Gangs Fracture, Bullets Fly in New York


is used to mean "people who live in an area", in this case specifically the South Bronx where violence is not infrequent, and not medical personnel.

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