Please help me understand the type of sentence below. Is it "Type 1 conditionals for past" or "Type 2"?

"If we didn't have lectures the next day, we would usually stay up late talking or watching TV"

I read this sentence in Oxford verb and tense book under " Type 0 and Type 1 conditionals for past".

To me it looks like type 2 condition as it matches type 2 condition structure: If + past tense + would.

  • Are you not convinced by my answer or do you have an inquiry im mind? – Ahmed Ayman Jun 24 '17 at 0:13
  • Ok, Good. Best of luck. I could see that you didn't verify my answer so I thought maybe you didn't like it, that's all. – Ahmed Ayman Jun 27 '17 at 4:50

As you said, the tenses match the 2nd type so this is a 2nd type conditional sentence although I think it would be more natural if type 0 was used here, something like: " - If we don't have lectures the next day, we usually stay up late."

So it would be better to use type 0 conditional as it states a normal habit. If the sentence is put under "type 0 and type 1" section, then I think it must be a typo as I said that it'd be better to use type 0 conditional and that is what should have been used in this section.

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