Cache misses are one of the most well-known performance-losing events.

To provide some background, cache misses are one of the main causes of computer system slowdowns, obstructing computers from consuming cycles in useful computation work. What I mean by performance-losing is that cache misses are the kinds of events that slow down the computer, but I think the losing one is computers, not events. I considered terms like performance-stealing or performance-weakening, but I have no idea whether these terms are commonly used or seem natural. Could anyone recommend the term to describe this?


Aside from the fact that you can construct several different sentences with the same meaning, in line with your question I can suggest performance degradation.

Cache misses are one of the most well-known causes for performance degradation in computer systems.


Performance-losing certainly doesn't sound natural. How about performance-diminishing? Or better still, restructure the sentence into something like:

Cache misses are well-known for diminishing/reducing/lowering/decreasing/worsening performance in computer systems.

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