I was looking for a trick [mnemonic] for little children to remember the months of the year in order but I couldn't find any online. Then I made this below and called it The Yearly Silly Trip.

My question is: is what I did, a chant or jingle?

The Yearly Silly Trip

January‘s for Jane

In February’s her fame

In March she’ll march

With April, from noon.

And May rest in June,

Then fly high in July

Gusty August’s the awesome member

Offered his gust till September

That October will remember

The fun till November

Cause it’s over in December

By Antiscam, Mr.Zero = F.S.

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    I think calling it a mnemonic ditty would work for most people. It does have potentially negative overtones of "trivial, silly", but they're not necessarily out of place here anyway. And most alternatives would tend to unwantedly "elevate" the referent, since they would usually allude to "artistic" songs, poems, etc., which aren't really the kind of associations we're looking for. – FumbleFingers Jun 20 '17 at 13:40

It's not a jingle. Jingles refer to adverts with catchy tunes. I think chants are for spiritual/religious singing that isn't really singing per se but more like repeating words in a rhyming manner. I also don't think that's what you want.

Could it be a nursery rhyme?

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