Will say this words to board meeting members about his investigation about Serial Killer's murder case.

Will: Skillful entry indicates premeditation and planning. Therefore, I believe he's an organized individual who probably lives life competently with little or no leakage.

Board member: Meaning in appearance he could be absolutely anyone?

Will: That's right.

Will: Bodies being arranged into an audience and the mirrors make me believe that there's a rich and intense fantasy life going on here. The elevated experience is the fantasy. The act fuels the fantasy. The act fuels the fantasy.To discover what he thinks he's doing in there, why he picked who he picked, did what he did, to understand his motive, you have to know his illusions, his dreams.

Board member: Which are?

Will: I don't know.

How Mirror & fantasy are related to each other, I really don't know why he is referring to mirror with fantasy in his statement?

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  • The context of this is very confusing. If I were to hazard a (random) guess, it would be that what you see in the mirror is not the real world, but a backwards representation of it... – Luke Sawczak Jun 21 '17 at 2:54
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  • Have you looked up the meaning of "fantasy"? What did you find? – Nathan Tuggy Jun 21 '17 at 3:45

The more important phrase is

bodies being arranged into an audience

What Will is talking about is how a psychopath lives in their own world and the murderer is trying to recreate part of that world in the display left at the scene of the crime.

The mirrors, as well as the bodies, may be thought of props on a stage set left by the murderer. Obviously the mirrors have been purposefully placed.

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