This site says:

We can say "On/in a TV show".

A British English textbook says "In the TV show".

Ngram says there are more "On a TV show" than "In a TV show".

Which one is correct? "On a TV show" or "In a TV show"?

So, American says "On a TV show"? & British says "In a TV show".

There are more Americans than British people & that is why "On a TV show" is more popular, right?


on a TV show
in a TV show

both are commonly used and practically interchangeable. It may be due to people trying to figure out where the TV show was when TV first came out.

I saw it on the TV show. - (commonly used)
I saw it in the TV show. - (commonly used)
She stars in the TV show. - (commonly used)
She stars on the TV show - (commonly used)


The show is on TV. - (commonly used)
The show is in TV. - (never used)

Other examples

in a Broadway show - (commonly used)
in an opera - (commonly used)
on a Broadway show - (never used)
on an opera - (never used)

But nowadays

Netflix on my computer - (used to refer to shows and the application)
Netflix in my computer - (used two refer to the application)

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