"to give in" in this sentence: "Have you given in your homework yet?" What means? I have no ideas how to translate it into Russian. thanks

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    In the US we say "hand in" or "turn in" for submitting homework to the teacher. Commented Jun 24, 2017 at 20:15

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I would presume it means to submit your homework to your teacher.

But as StoneyB says, we normally say "turn in" or "hand in".

In general, to "give in" means to surrender, to let someone else have their way. Like, "Al wanted to go the car show but his girlfriend Mary wanted to go to the ballet. Finally Al gave in and they went to the ballet."


In your example

to give in your homework

the equivalent phrases would be

hand in your homework
turn in your homework
submit your homework
pass in your homework
check in your homework (digital)
deposit your homework (digital)
send in your homework (digital, possibly remote)

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