Again asking for Your help as native English speakers. I'm studying English, I really like it. I am not a native English speaker, my native language is Russian. For me not understand the phrase: "to nervously ask you to prom". Please explain what is meant.

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A prom is a graduation party in an American school. The students wear formal clothes and usually go with a partner from their class. Many teenage boys are lacking in social skills and are nervous about asking a girl to go to the prom with them: this fits with the body posture of these pangolins, with their heads bowed and hands together.


Владимир, look, a prom is 'a formal party held for older students at the end of the school year, at which there is dancing' and in Russian it is close to "выпускной вечер" or "студенческий бал".

JavaLatte said it correctly that "many teenage boys are shy and nervous about asking a girl to dance with them (go to the prom with them)". In Russia the same thing often happens. I remember my school years. I used to sit on a bench or stand in a corner with my head down and my hands together (I was often rubbing them). if you look at the baby pangolins you can see that they keep their heads bowed and the fingers and hands together (it looks like they are nervous and shy).

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