The moon is a satellite of the earth, revolving around the earth once every twenty-nine and a half days. The moon itself rotates very slowly but it does so very slowly.


How does the moon rotate around the earth?

Possible Answers:

  1. The moon rotates around the earth once every twenty-nine and a half days.

  2. The moon rotates around the earth, revolving very slowly.

Which answer is suitable, manner or interval?

  • Curious, where are you getting this given statement, question, and possible answers from? – Alexander Jun 28 '17 at 14:01

"How" has 7 different definitions as an adverb (dictionary.com). In this situation, only two are really applicable.

  • In what way or manner?
  • For what reasons?

The second definition is not an option. Thus, the answer that addresses the manner would be the better answer. I would argue that both actually address the manner - but regardless, #2 is more correct because it is more direct and conventional in answering the question.

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