I am confused about using these terms.

1- He came at last night.
2- He came last night.
3- He came at the last night.
4- He came the last night.

1.1- He came at last moment.
1.2- He came last moment.
1.3- He came at the last moment. (Seems ok)
1.4- He came the last moment.

I am confused, because I know #2 is correct but why not #1.2 then? And if #1 is correct, why not #1.1 ? Or tell me if they are already so.

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Usually at/on/in is used with time expressions (last,next,any-,every-) more info http://dictionary.cambridge.org/grammar/british-grammar/at-on-and-in-time

I think the reason "at the last moment" is different is because of "the" in the phrasing refers to that very specific moment of a certain event. Because "living in the moment" is also a generally accepted form of phrasing.

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