I'm looking for an adjective defining "something that is not obvious to understand".

For example, in French, I would say "hermétique", which in English is synonym to airtight.


I first thought of "subtle" (which has its equivalent in French: subtil) but I think you are looking for "abstruse", which is something that's hard to understand, something obscure. Do we have a context for that word?


Unintuitive would describe something that is not immediately apparent, but requires some study to understand or master.

Not intuitive, not easily graspable by intuition.



Opaque would probably work fairly well.


Here are a few: complicated, confusing, ambiguous, blurred, obscure, perplexing.

I'd go with "unclear" - not obvious, definite, or easy to understand


I just remembered another word that fits what I had in mind:

"Cryptic": having a meaning that is mysterious or obscure.

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