There comes a point where you just love someone, not because they're good or bad You just love them the way they are.

In this sentence the verb "comes" came before the subject "point", so when we could use this condition?

  • It is called inversion. Here, the inversion is caused by There. "There" + verb + subject. There is a house at the top of the hill.
    – TimR
    Jul 5, 2017 at 13:25

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This type of inversion happens when a sentence starts with an expression of place or direction, especially to present a new subject.

§303 inversion (2): whole verb before subject

1 after adverbial expressions of place
... intransitive verbs are often put before their subjects. The structure is most common in literary and descriptive writing.

  • Under a tree was lying one of the biggest men I had ever seen.

This structure is often used in speech with here, there and other short adverbs and adverb particles.

  • There goes your brother.

(From Michael Swan's Practical English Usage)

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