Is there a word for 'items not in a set'?

Here is the desired usage: when I organize things into boxes by source (could be brand, author, sender... any logical way to group items) I have a box for source X, a box for source Y, etc. I can use X, Y as the labels for the boxes. Now all the rest goes into a box, what should I label it with?

In my mother tongue there is a word for that, literally 'scattered' in English. I don't believe 'scattered' is the right word here.

In English, the closest word I could think of is 'miscellaneous', which may work for the label of the box, but the meaning isn't the same as what I want. Other options include 'ungrouped' and 'uncategorized', which aren't exactly true because the items in that box are indeed categorized. They are categorized as 'not in a collection'.

What is the right word?

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    Miscellaneous sounds perfectly fine to me. Can you elaborate as to why you don't think it's the word you're looking for?
    – WendiKidd
    Commented Nov 24, 2013 at 19:23
  • @WendiKidd Maybe my understanding is wrong but 'miscellaneous' makes me feel the items do not serve major purposes instead of are coming from diverse sources.
    – NS.X.
    Commented Nov 24, 2013 at 19:32
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    Miscellaneous is fine, or just misc for short. So are ungrouped and uncategorized. You could also label the box other.
    – user230
    Commented Nov 24, 2013 at 22:24
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    Miscellaneous does not imply triviality; it signifies a mixture, a diversity of categories. If your organizing principle is "SOURCE", then the label miscellaneous signifies that the box labeled contains works from many sources, not just one. Commented Nov 25, 2013 at 1:27

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If you want a single word, you could consider uncategorized. One dictionary defines it as:

uncategorized (adj.) not having been sorted into a category

Or, if you don't mind a short phrase, you could try odds and ends. This phrase gets its own entry in several dictionariesone of them defines it as:

odds and ends (n. pl.) that which is left; remnants; fragments; refuse; scraps; miscellaneous articles.

If you don't like odds and ends, that definition has an assortment of other candidates you could use, such as remnants.

I'll suggest one more word: other. That can work as a category name, and has even been used in some applications.

Examples of usages of an "other" category can be found here, here and here.

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