Uncle Frank & his mother Evelyn fighting each other in court to get custody of Mary.

Here Frank's relation to Mary is Uncle & Evelyn relation to Mary is Grandmother.

I am facing difficulty in phrasing the sentences because of single person having more than one relation.


When you say "Uncle Frank", most people would assume the you are talking about your uncle, not Mary's uncle. It would be easier if you start the sentence with the main person in the story... Mary.

Mary's Uncle, Frank, and her grandmother, Evelyn, are fighting in court to get custody of her.

  • That still leaves it open as to whether Frank is an "uncle" by marriage (Mary being the daughter of his wife's sibling), or by blood (Mary's mother or father being a sibling of Frank himself). More crucially, it doesn't indicate whether Evelyn is Frank's mother or just another "in-law", but since OP specifically noted that in his original, it could be a significant factor. – FumbleFingers Jul 13 '17 at 12:23

Mary's uncle Frank is fighting his mother, Evelyn, in court to get custody of Mary.

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