I "thanks for all" correct/meaningful/grammatical? It was said by a student thanking their teacher after a course. That was the whole sentence. It used as an alternative for "thanks for everything".


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"All" what?

A more natural expression is

Thanks for all you've done for us


Thanks for all your help.

But it could just be something the kids say nowadays. Slang is not really either correct or incorrect, but it's best if you don't use it until you're very familiar with it.

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I expect the student was not a native speaker (or maybe you didn't hear the whole thing?).

"thanks for all" is an incomplete sentence. As Andrew said, "all" of what?

"Thanks for all your help", "Thanks for all your advice", "Thanks for your help today.". These would all be better options and explain exactly what you are thanking the person for doing.


Thanks for all is an incomplete sentence because the all has to be followed with a description of the deed that is being acknowledged.

Example: Thanks for all that you have done for me

If one simply wishes to thank everyone in the audience, some of the correct usages are

A big thanks to all of you

Thank you one and all

Thank you all

Thank you

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