What is the meaning of "You're not much use to me". I couldn't find the meaning of it anywhere on internet

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In a situation where someone is expected to do something for you and fail, you can say "You were not (of) much use to me", it's pretty rough though.

Another example: "Crying is not much use to me now, she's already gone." She has already left and crying won't make things change, go after her.


Saying "X is not much Y" or "X is not very Y" are understated ways of saying "X is not Y."

For example, saying "it's not very good" is a (somewhat more polite) way of saying "it's bad." You could say "there was not much snow" to mean "there was only a little snow."

In this case, "You're not much use to me" means "you're useless to me."

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