He feels his troubles as much or even more than they.

This is an error spotting question asked in my exam, I am particularly stuck at two spots in the sentence . First if its correct to use as much here or its better to use as much as. I looked up for the phrase in Merriam Webster here but could find only one sentence which has used as much in it and I am not able to make out from that whether to use as much here or as much as. Second, Is the they used correct or should it be replaced with them ? What I have learned is that nominative cases are compared with nominative and objective cases with objective, so accordingly they is correct with he but somebody on a three year old yahoo answers thread had suggested correction with them.

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    If that's an "exam" question, it's a rubbish exam. In theory your example is a shorter version of ...as much as or even more than they do (where the highlighted words have been "deleted". But those deletions don't represent "mistakes" - they're just features of normal English usage. IMHO replacing they with them is also just a stylistic choice, but I suppose it's feasible some pedant might object. Jul 22, 2017 at 16:02

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as much or even more than is OK, but your example should read:

He feels his troubles as much or even more than they do.

In this way, it is clear that nominative case is correct.

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