I went through some documents about the usage of if clause. But still confused about the usage of clause sentence.

Which sentence is correct in the below two sentences?

  1. If you are tired, get some sleep.
  2. If you tired, get some sleep.

"If you are tired, get some sleep." Or "If you're tired, get some sleep."

"If you tired" is changing the adjective tired into a verb.
You could however say: "If you tired yourself to exhaustion, get some sleep".

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"If you are tired, get some sleep." - relates to future and means that when you get tired (because of activity you do now) you will go to bed.

"If you tired (eg. after some running), you would get some sleep" - "tired" is a verb here and relates to your state now. Second sentence is a possible action that you would do when first is true. Read it as below:

"If you tired out (but you don't), you would get some sleep."

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