What is difference between 'folk' and 'folks' & 'fund' and 'funds'. Plz give examples also ,cz my grammar teacher changed folk to folks and funds to fund in some questions.

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    A singular, countable noun such as difference should be preceded by a determiner such as the indefinite or definite article, a possessive pronoun such as my, your, his, her, its, our, their, whose, or a demonstrative such as this or that, &c. Also, please use the best English of which you are capable when writing questions and answers at ELL. Such things as U, cz and plz, &c., may be appropriate, or even preferred, for use in social media or text messaging; but here, where no premium is placed on brevity or screen space, they are not useful. – P. E. Dant Aug 2 '17 at 5:08

I need context, but nevertheless:

'Folk' refers to people, or a community. 'Folks' is used when talking to a group of people to directly refer to them (That's all, folks!).

'Fund' is a noun meaning a collection of money, such as that of a charity (World Wildlife Fund), or a verb meaning to put money towards something (fund someone's education). 'Funds' refers to the money in the collection, or money itself.

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