A good turn - favour.
A good turn - this phrase is usually used with 'do/did'.

Is it correct to say "We can get a good turn in return when we are in need."?

Can we use the word 'get'?


In principle, a good turn is an idiomatic expression in its own right, for example

one good turn deserves another. - proverb

In practice, it is usually used in the expression Do someone a good turn. This NGram shows how uncommon get/got a good turn is, and if you look at actual instances, none that I could find relate to this meaning.

The NGram also shows that the normal way of expressing receipt of a good turn is to say ... did me a good turn.

The more normal way of expressing can get a good turn would be that somebody owes me a favour. This NGram shows that owes me a good turn used to be common in the 1880's but in recent times owes me a favour is much more common.

  • Yes, but the question is how do you express somebody doing you a good turn. I don't think you can put the idiom into passive voice; you might have to say something like They can do us a good turn in return. – Peter Shor Aug 6 '17 at 15:21
  • @PeterShor: I think that the NGram answers that point. I have now made it clear in the body of my answer as well. – JavaLatte Aug 6 '17 at 15:27

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