I have a few questions.

Example. "Would you do a tattoo?" "A few years ago I would have said "no". Now I would say "maybe."

The anwser. A few years ago I would have siad-is this a correct for or I should have only used would?

And the next one. I'm talking about the past ,let's say I think about 90s. And is it correct when I say: If I had been a singer I would have been famous ? I wanna say it about the past, about 90s.

Thanks so much.


Yes, you are using this construction correctly.

would have + past participle (e.g. said, been) refers to a past conditional or hypothetical.

If you had been asked to do a tattoo, you would have said no.

If you had been a singer in the 90's, you would have been famous.

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