Oskar, who is afraid traveling on vehicle, need to reach destination by walk but mute old man, Who is with him, replied by writing on piece of paper.

Old Man: "I can't walk that far." if you wanted to go with me, it would have to be on the bus or a train. And the train was a lot faster. Anyway, there's nothing to be afraid of." To which you said.

Oskar: It's easy for you to say!

Oskar: Which actually... it wasn't. (Oskar Thinking this words)

  • It was not easy for the mute man to say something, because he is mute. Commented Aug 7, 2017 at 6:06

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Here "it" is the thing that the old man wrote ("I can't walk ... nothing to be afraid of.").

Oskar said it was easy for you (the old man) to say.

Oskar thought that It wasn't (easy for the the old man to say).

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