Pocho had made the decision to live near the human who had saved his life, so he soon became a member of the Snedden family. By now, Chito remarried, and together they had a daughter. Both, fortunately, loved the croc.

Pocho had grown to 16 feet (5 meters), and weighed over 1,000 pounds (454 kg)

Source: Incredible story of a man and 1000-pound crocodile, they lived together for 20 years

Why is the past perfect used in the parts "had made" and "had grown"?


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As in most cases, the past perfect is used to indicate that

Pocho had made the decision

before he started living with the Snedden family. Likewise:

Pocho had grown to 16 feet

before he weighed over 1,000 pounds (as the growing happened before achieving the considerable weight)


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