In film called The Basketball Diaries (1995), Jim narrate this lines while having drugss and drinks with his friends:

Headquarters home on and off to every down-and-out junkie and wino from 14th Street to the Bowery. It's like a f*cking all-star team.

  • Most of us reading this question will have no idea who "Jim" is. Assuming this is from a book or a movie, please, tell us where you found it. (Please do this for your future questions as well; here is a detailed meta post explaining why.) – J.R. Aug 14 '17 at 22:02

In this case, it is most likely to imply that it is not always the headquarters home for these people.

The term "on and off" suggests that it is used as the headquarters intermittently; sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't:

on and off

  1. intermittently.

    "it rained on and off most of the afternoon"

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