Following is excerpted from the book "The Language of Food" by Dan Jurafsky(page 7).

Status used to be expressed a different way.

I am getting confused with this sentence.

As far as know, an object(a different way) can not follow a passive form expression(to be expressed). Meaningwise, "a different way" supposed to be "in a different way," a prepositional phrase.

So, "in" is omitted in this sentence? If so, is it because of the reason the previous post explained?(Link: Can the preposition “in” be omitted , in sentence, “you expect to rule the city the way you rule other city.”)

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    The author or editor made a mistake, and it should be "expressed in a different way". It is possible to omit the "in" as a kind of ellipsis when speaking, but it sounds wrong to me when written.
    – Andrew
    Aug 14, 2017 at 17:39

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yes, sounds like a mistake. It needs "in". Author could also have used "conveyed in" as an alternative to "expressed"

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