‘He stares soulfully past the camera, on toward a catering truck where sushi rolls and ham sandwiches dwell side by side in harmony.’

what's the usage of on in the sentence? pls help me with the analysis of the whole sentence.


If we break it down into the main words, we get:

He stares past the camera on toward a truck.

In this case, "on towards a truck" is adding detail. The description is following the line of sight of the person: Past the camera, and on towards the truck. In this case the word "on" implies a continuation of the gaze: It is continuing to go forward, to the truck.

"He stares on" can have a couple of other meanings, depending on the context:

  • "He stares on." = He continues to stare.

  • "He stares on (object)" = He is focused on that object.

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