The quality of products can improve by using robots.

In this sentence, what is the subject of "using"? I think it should rephrase

The quality of products can be improved by using robots.


The quality of products can be improved with correct use of robots".

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    Like most non-finite clauses, the gerund-participial clause "using robots" is subjectless, although we understand it as if it did (even if the subject may be understood to be "some arbitrary person").
    – BillJ
    Aug 20 '17 at 6:09

Yes, the first sentence is not grammatical. Your first revision is almost correct -- you're just missing a "the" in front of "products". Or you can simply say

Product quality can be improved by using robots

Your second sentence is also not quite right, as it should be "the correct use of robots".

Also I think "the appropriate use" or "the effective use" sounds better than "correct use", because we are talking about how to use robots for this particular application, and not whether any existing robots are used correctly.

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