It seems like that into the sentence

I cooked the dinner for me myself

I need to insert another "myself" because the actor and the receiver of the action is the same person (me).

But in such a case the sentence becomes weird

I cooked the dinner for myself myself

Is it right to say it that way?


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Myself comes in two forms:

Reflexive, where it is necessary for the meaning of the sentence: I like myself.

Intensive, where it is added for emphasis: I, myself, did the chores.

Here you are attempting to use it in both its forms. I suggest you remove the intensive myself and keep only the reflexive form: I cooked inner for myself.

The other myself is inferred.

  • @xenn-33 Alternatively, you could write: I cooked my dinner myself. Aug 20, 2017 at 11:59

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