There are setup and tearDown method in jUnit tests. What's the pronunciation of tearDown?

I found people pronounced it:

  1. like t-ear
  2. like t-air

Which is correct?

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/ tɛː/
1. pull (something) apart or to pieces with force.


So, 't-air'.

In the second meaning (eye secretion), Tear is /tɪə/ but unless the jUnit about getting someone to cry and have the method to have the tears drip down their cheeks, I think the first meaning is valid: tear down in meaning of destroy is pronounced as t-air.

  • I think in JUnit, tearDown() means dismantle(as a closest English meaning) and cleanup(as to what it actually does).
    – cst1992
    Jan 16, 2016 at 8:58

In Java and some other programming languages, it's customary to form the single "word" needed by the computer by running together the words the programmer would use in a sentence. tearDown is simply a computer-acceptable formatting of the phrase tear down (meaning to disassemble or destroy), and is pronounced as the phrase. The pronunciation of tear can vary regionally.

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