I have a sentence which I can change the words in some versions without changing the meaning, but I'm not sure which one is the most natural to the English native speaker, therefore I would like you to give your opinion about which of the options sounds to you more natural?

Option 1: "Berlin private art school"

Option 2: "Private Berlin art school"


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Order of Adjectives

  1. opinion
  2. size
  3. physical quality
  4. shape
  5. age
  6. colour
  7. origin
  8. material
  9. type
  10. purpose

The order of this list suggests Berlin (origin) private (type) art (purpose) school would be best.

Keep in mind that this list is not a rule, only a general guide. In some cases you might want to change the order to contrast with another, similar item, for example, a public Berlin Art school vs. a private Berlin Art school.

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