In Drama film/Biography film The People vs. Larry Flynt (1996), Preacher, Jerry Falwell filed a case on Larry Flynt, Hustler Magazine, in supreme court for potraying his image in satrical parody way in Hustler magazine. So Chief Justice said this words after hearing Alan Isaacman,Larry Flynt's lawyer words.

Mr. Isaacman, the First Amendment is not everything. It's a very important value, but it's not the only value in our society. What about a value which says good people can enter public life and public service? The rule you give us says that if you stand for public office or become a public figure, you cannot protect yourself or indeed your mother against a parody of your committing incest with her in an outhouse. Do you think George Washington would've stood for office if that was the consequence?

What is the meaning of “stand for public office”?

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The Oxford Dictionary entry for stand gives this meaning in definition 5:

Be a candidate in an election. Example ‘he stood for parliament in 1968’.

There is an expandable list giving many other examples of similar usage.

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