Some English words are driving me mad for their similarities when I try to momerize them. Could anyone tell me the difference between 'seduce' and 'seduct', 'seduction' and ' seducement', according to dictionary,their meanings are so similar that it is hard for me to tell them aparat.

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    Wow, which dictionary listed seduct? I only see it in the OED, where it's listed as rare and obsolete. – snailplane Sep 4 '17 at 2:01
  • the strange combination here:: seduct (v.) -> seduction (n), seduce (v.) -> seducement (n),. but currently in common use are seduce (v.) -> seduction (n) – Shaunak Shukla Sep 4 '17 at 9:05

Seduce is a verb, and seduction is a noun = the act of seducing.

You may safely ignore the verb seduct and the noun seducement, which were never in common use and have been obsolete for at least two centuries.

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