Is it wrong to say

He is sitting at the backside of the classroom


The desk is at the front side of the class .

When can we use at the backside and at the front side?! What about these two sentences? Are they wrong?!

He is sitting on the left side of me

If yes, how can I use on the left side and on the right side in a sentence? I'd really appreciate it if you help me with these sentences because it's been a long time I've been thinking about them but I couldn't find any suitable answers.


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As far as I know, 'backside' is mostly used to describe someone's buttocks! Also, 'back' and 'front' depending on contexts refer to sides only. You don't need to add the word 'side' as it would be redundant.

So, context matters. In all of your examples, it is clear that you are talking about the direction, side, or position. Here you go...

sitting in the back of the classroom
he is sitting on my left

Being a doctor I can say that I have often heard 'side' word being used to show the location of some discomfort or pain.

pain is in the left side of my stomach

Good information is here.


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