It is hard to tell the differences these phrases below.

Are they really different or interchangeable?

  1. as long as
  2. so long as
  3. as far as
  4. so far as

As far as

  1. To show distance

I'll go as far as Madrid.

  1. To show "concern"

He was happy as far as the cost of the yacht was concerned.(He was happy regarding the cost of the yacht)

He can leave as far as I am concerned.

  1. To show limit of knowledge

There is no monster under your bed as far as I know.

So far as

This is slightly less formal version of (in) so far as. This can be used instead of as far as.

As long as

  1. To show time

I'll wait for you as long as the kingdom comes.

  1. To show a requirement

I'll come to the party as long as there is no dancing. (I'll come to the party given there is no dancing)

So long as

This can be used instead of as long as in less formal situations.


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