Is it right to say

"I engaged in some research projects".

or should I say

"I was engaged in some research projects".

  • I'd prefer saying: I got engaged in... However, "I engaged in ...." does not look correct to me! – Maulik V Sep 7 '17 at 4:56

Looks to me that both examples given would be acceptable, but have slightly different meanings. The former means you took some action, the latter describes a condition in which you took action. Choose the version which best suits your feeling of the situation.


First sentence is incomplete. Some words in between may change the meaning.


a) I got engaged in.... b) I engaged myself in ......etc.

For me it is correct to say,

1) "I am engaged in some research projects."

It is present Tense giving idea about your present state/situation.

2) "I was engaged in some research projects".

it is purely past tense gives idea about your past state/Situation.

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