He [Climbed / Climbed up] a tree

Does using climb or climb up in the above sentence makes any difference ? I think the only difference is while using the latter one one is specifying the direction i.e. He is going up on the tree e.g. If it was He climbed down the tree one mean to say he came down from the tree, but while using former one (just climbed instead of climbed up )it is not explicit but implicit that he is going up on the tree. Is there any other difference than this ? Or is it incorrect to use climb without up/down ?


With simple past climbed, up isn't purely directional but can also convey the idea of having reached a place in the tree, the top or whatever height in the tree the climber was going for.

There is no requirement to use up with climb.


I think climbed up the tree is not wrong.

He climbed the treemay mean He climbed up the tree.

He climbed down the treeis the opposite of ```climbed up the tree``

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