The Sentence is

The way computers has invaded our society is remarkable.

now, when I tried to use Ginger Grammar in this sentence it has suggested to use have instead of has... making the sentence look like this

The way computers have invaded our society is remarkable.

Now, my teacher has told the class that the first sentence is Good. how can that be? she told us that the noun in the sentence is way, and the sentence could stand alone without the word Computer, I told her that the sentence could not stand without a the word computer because there would be a question in the sentence asking: What has invaded in the society?

she then defended, it's not what but who. I got blank at that point.. and agreed to here answer, to finish the class.

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    You're right, she's wrong. The way is the singular subject of is remarkable, but computers h-- invaded our society is a distinct subordinate clause whose subject is plural computers. The who/what distinction is irrelevant (but she's wrong about that, too). Aug 24, 2017 at 14:19
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    a re-ordering is revealing: << Computers have/*has invaded our society in a way that is remarkable. >> Aug 24, 2017 at 16:42

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The form of the verb has is only used in the third person singular. All other forms are have. Since computers is a plural subject (in third person plural), you should use have. This is where it's important to know who or what is doing the action. If a single computer was doing it the sentence would be "The way that the computer has invaded our society is remarkable".

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