What is the right answer for this question?

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The picture shows a woman holding a young child. The question is "Is this your father?" The answer is "no", but how does one say this as a complete sentence? Should I say "No, he isn't." or "No, she isn't".

  • The answer to the question is "no". Even if the adult who looks like a woman is in fact a man, the answer is still "no". Commented Sep 7, 2017 at 19:29
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    More context needs to be added. Why is this question a problem for you?
    – James K
    Commented Sep 7, 2017 at 19:40
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    Use "she." You would not use "he" because the pronoun should agree with (match) the thing that is there, rather than the concept that it doesn't equal.
    – Adam
    Commented Sep 7, 2017 at 19:43
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    I would say, "No, that's not my father." That eliminates your gender quandary.
    – J.R.
    Commented Sep 7, 2017 at 20:34
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    What's wrong with "No, it isn't"? "It" doesn't necessarily refer to inanimate objects; we sometimes use it for situations too, like "It was my father at the door."
    – stangdon
    Commented Sep 7, 2017 at 21:43

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The simplest answer is to negate the question : "Is this X?" "No, this is not X." In this case : "Is this your father?" "No, this is not my father."

Alternatively you can be more informative by stating who the person is : "No, this is my mother."

Of the suggestions you provide, "No, she is not" is correct. The word "this" in the question "Is this your father?" refers to the adult in the picture, who is a female. So the answer cannot be "No, he is not my father" because "this" is a feminine object which is referred to as "she".

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