I wonder if there are any differences between two sentences below:

I was at the seaside last summer.

I was on the beach last summer.

Are they have the same meaning?


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I would say they are pretty close, but a seaside resort might encompass more than a beach. So, you might have taken a seaside vacation, and never felt the beach sand between your toes. Instead, you might have participated in activities such as golf:

Links golf course above cliffs

Your second sentence, therefore, is more specific, and makes it clear that you weren’t merely at the seaside, but on the beach:

Sandy beach

  • “To be on the beach” - may be a phrase meaning to be out of job (as a sailor on the shore that is out of job). Real meaning here is context dependent. Had one having a vacation or lost job?
    – user98560
    Jul 19, 2019 at 12:57

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